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There are a lot of dirty words in the English language, but "email" and "marketing" don't have to be two of them. By connecting top marketers with highly targeted potential customers who are ready, willing and able to act on their offers, Postmaster Direct eliminates the inefficiency, irritation and guesswork that give traditional online acquisition programs a bad name. Whether you're a publisher, marketer, agency or broker, Postmaster Direct is the kinder, gentler way to make killer profits.



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The principle is simple: put good things out into the world and you'll get good things back in return. But how does this goody-two-shoes philosophy mesh with the rough and tumble world of online customer acquisition?

Quite well, actually.

Postmaster Direct is the only customer acquisition solution that delivers great results and good karma. Whether you are a marketer looking to generate leads, an agency or broker looking for the perfect list or a publisher who wants to monetize your current web site traffic, we can help you do it without putting your reputation at risk.

  • Marketer: The reputable way to acquire new customers who are not only expecting offers through Postmaster Direct but are looking forward to hearing from companies like you.
  • Agency: Whatever you recommend to your clients, strategically or creatively, you can feel confident that Postmaster will help you execute it perfectly and stay on the cutting edge of email marketing.
  • Broker: Deliver on your clients' expectations and make more money doing it. Let us help you find the right lists for the right clients and keep them coming back for more.
  • Publisher: Start making money from your most valuable commodity, your website. We'll help you do it in a way that protects your assets while still giving you maximum return on your investment.

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